Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to another rotting game!

Last weekend, I managed to fix what I wanted to be done as soon as possible in Mortevielle:
- Fix the German verbs
- Reorder the English verbs, then fix them
- Fix a couple of glitches in the Action menu

As a result the game is now playable in French and German, as well as in English.
Raziel^ tested the game on AmigaOS, and he (almost) finished the game. He encountered an assert in the end of game sequence. I need to test it myself in order to determine if it's some BE issue, or if it's reproducible in the French version, etc. At least everything looks fine on a BE system so far, which is really good news. Raziel^ also came to the conclusion that the original German translation is terrible, and that we should let the user decide if he wants to play an "Original German" version, or a "Improved German translation" version. He is considering working on the translation himself, so there may be more news on this front soon.

My urge to fix things in Mortevielle is hiding something more exciting: After more than a year of sleep, Return to Ringworld is back to business, thanks for the commitment of Dreammaster who finally got enough time to work on the remaining issues in TsAGE Core engine those last 2 months. It seems it's now time for us to fix the gigantic hardcoded logic of the game... Fun fun fun :)

So, that's more proof that: that is not dead which can eternal lie! (Yet with strange aeons even death may die) ;)

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