Monday, August 5, 2013

Progress on Mortevielle Engine

Sometimes, things are going well. It's rare, but it happens, really.
As proof, we now have Mortville Manor :)

Short after my last post, I received tremendous help from a dedicated user (Hugo L.) and from criezy who made together a first translation of Mortville Manor in English, on top of the DOS French version. After some more modifications in the code, the game is now completely playable in English. Criezy even has a local patch to fix the menu titles, which is currently a picture stored in the game data.

The last two months, based on that progress, we polished a bit the engine so it's merge-able in Master. The effective merge was done on July 29th 2013.

That was already something unexpected when I mentioned, some months ago, it was hopelessly rotting.

But that's not all! After some lucky guesses, we now have the German version properly decrypted, with only the verbs in the wrong order (will be fixed soon). There's even music properly played during the intro!

At this point, everything is possible of course. Some preliminary tests gave me perfect SFX sound played, which means that it's only missing the understanding of the sound start point & length to quickly get full-SFX support in the game... As our first tests show that the game is already working properly on BE systems, we could consider adding official support in a reasonably short delay. (ie: it still may be long, don't hold your breath)

I'll post again when the SFX sounds work in the whole game, stay tuned!

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